Multi-channel Customer Interactions

Be More with iQor!

iQor Philippines is an exciting place to grow your career. Now is the perfect time to join our expanding community of 45,000 customer experience professionals who are like family. We know the success of our employees and the success of iQor Philippines are interconnected - you are key to helping our customers achieve their goals. That’s why we support all of our employees through six pillars we value most at iQor.

Reasons to Choose iQor


Growing Globally

For over 57 years, we’ve helped top brands connect with their customers. Today, we operate in over 18 countries, attracting the best and most innovative companies, making the work we do rewarding and fun.

Exciting Support

From Call Centers to Product Repair, We are the future of support. Our agents work with some of the best know brands, helping customers problem-solve with purpose.


Advance Faster

Over 35% of new agents are promoted to higher paying positions within their first 3 quarters of employment. As one of the fastest-growing BPO companies in the Philippines, iQorians are rewarded faster, enjoy more career options and have more fun.

Award-Winning Training

Our Call Center Leadership Training Platform is recognized as the industry standard for developing future leaders. As an iQorian you have access to training that can take your ambition new places.



From performance-based incentives to flexible benefits programs, your earning potential accelerates the moment you join iQor. Our frequent review process ensures a fair and generous recognition of your talents.

Referral Incentives

Our Talent Referral Incentive Program – T.R.I.P. gives current iQor employees generous and ongoing monetary rewards for referring friends and family members who ultimately become a part of the iQor family.


You’re Home

When you become an iQorian, you never feel alone. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, you're joining a high performance company that is focused on helping you succeed. Our team helps you become the best you can be.

Dial-Up The Fun

We take our work – not ourselves too seriously. Your happiness and passion for what you do is important to us. If you’re not smiling and laughing then we’re not doing our job. When you become an iQorian, excitement is never far.


Your Local BPO

iQor has carefully selected locations in Pampanga, Davao, Cavite, Iloilo, Laguna and Negros Occidental so you can stay close to home, friends, and family, spending more time where you want - and less time and money commuting.

World-Class Centers

iQor is home to some of the brightest minds in Philippines BPO. We’ve invested in our facilities to match the needs of the best and brightest. Let our investment in facilities work for you.


iQor Qares

The iQor Qares Program was established in 2013 as an initiative for employees to volunteer time, and donate money and resources to organizations that support hunger, health, and education within their local communities.

Invested Locally

Communities matter. iQorians feel a deep connection to where they live, work and play. As a company, we support and highlight the many wonderful activities and events our employees are involved in across the globe.

Advance Your Career

We provide the latest training and techniques in the industry to help you build the skills you need for a better future. When you become iQorian you have 24/7 access to iQor University, our online learning platform. Our courses help you gain on-the-job education and professional development opportunities that align with achieving your work unit's business objectives.


Designed to identify and address the behaviors that drive KPI’s giving managers the coaching techniques they need to ensure increased performance.


A career path to management opportunities for top performers. This program provides employees with the necessary training to successfully perform in supervisory roles.


Ensures both seasoned and newly hired trainers have all the information they need to succeed in iQor’s fast-paced, pressure-driven training and selection environment.